Storing and Preping Broccoli

Storage Tips:

  • Keep unwashed, trimming only the large leaves
  • Store in a perforated, plastic bag in the refrigerator
  • It will keep fresh for several days

Culinary Tips:

  • Broccoli will take 8-15 minutes to steam, 4-8 to blanch.  Test for doneness by piercing the stalks with a knife point.  The knife will pierce easily, but the broccoli should remain crunchy.  If you plan to use it later cool by plunging immediately in cold water.  Drain and pat dry.
  • Steam or blanch broccoli before sautéing or stir-frying
  • The stalks and stems of the broccoli are edible, too. Cut stalks into thick julienne strips or diagonal slices for soups or sautées.

About HappyDay Farms

Happy Day Farms provides direct access to local, seasonal, farm-fresh produce, allowing our community to reconnect with the local food supply and producer. We utilize sustainable practices to grow fresh, high-quality food. Our goal is to create community through eating right and sharing the wealth of our harvest.
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2 Responses to Storing and Preping Broccoli

  1. Mark O'Neill says:

    Annie and I have been enjoying the shares we have received from HappyDay Farms. We have been roasting the veggies; makes for a tasty alternative to stove-top cooking. Just drizzle on olive oil and whatever spices float your boat, and roast at 375 to taste. Go HappyDay Farm!

  2. Thanks for sharing Mark and Annie! Roasted veggies are delicious!

    Great success, Happy days. 🙂

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