Musings of a Happy Farmer – May 10, 2013

Did you know?

The average farmer in America keeps somewhere between seven and fifteen cents for every dollar of produce leaving the farm.  Consumers pay higher prices now more than ever for food that is processed and adulterated with cheap commodities.  Farmers are struggling because they’ve been taken hostage by the middlemen.  The packagers, distributors, marketers, salesmen and processors are cleaning house, and farmers are becoming indentured servants to the agrindustrial complex.  Your local farmers need your help, and they have better food to sell you than you can ever, ever buy in the supermarket.  Fresher, tastier, bred for flavor not shipping/storage, picked at the height of ripeness.  Find a farmer today, and see what a beautiful world awaits your discovery.


About HappyDay Farms

Happy Day Farms provides direct access to local, seasonal, farm-fresh produce, allowing our community to reconnect with the local food supply and producer. We utilize sustainable practices to grow fresh, high-quality food. Our goal is to create community through eating right and sharing the wealth of our harvest.
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