Musings of a Happy Farmer – May 12, 2013

The kitties are very funny, playful and active in the early mornings.  We have a mama and her three female kittens, all fixed.  They are the farm hunters, keeping ground-squirrels, gray squirrels, rats, mice, voles, moles and gophers at bay.  They also hunt birds, which we try to discourage by feeding in the morning during the height of bird activity.  Fatty, Mini, Scraps and TheMamaKitty (all one word).  We adopted an Aussie Sheppard from my folks, and now the kitties are a little wary.  Mr. Digglesworth (also known as Clancy or Mr. Pumpernickel) sleeps in, so the kitties hang out with me while I pick vegetables, water or futz putter.  When I go down to the folks’ to let the chickens out and feed them, the kitties follow to see if there will be any action for them.  There never is, but they’re curious.  It’s funny to see all four of them at once, making me think about “herding cats” like the old saying.  They bounce around, roll, tumble and posture.  They definitely add something nice to life here on the farm. 😀


About HappyDay Farms

Happy Day Farms provides direct access to local, seasonal, farm-fresh produce, allowing our community to reconnect with the local food supply and producer. We utilize sustainable practices to grow fresh, high-quality food. Our goal is to create community through eating right and sharing the wealth of our harvest.
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