HappyDat CSA Gallery HeaderHappyDays Farms is located on a gorgeous mountainside in Mendocino County. We grow fresh, seasonal produce and flowers. Here are some pictures of our beautiful farm.

Great Success!

While HappyDay Farms doesn’t have any farm animals, we do have cats and dogs. The are always cute kitties running around our land.

The early months of 2013 brought us some unexpected snow storms. Everything was so beautiful and peaceful covered in a blanket of white.

It’s getting green here at HappyDay Farms. And we have some gorgeous chickens too!


3 Responses to Gallery

  1. Lindsay O'Neill says:

    Love the pictures guys! Beautiful!

  2. Hi Amber and Casey, it is amazing to see all the progress you are making with hard work to grow your farm and with so much love to grow all the food. I am so happy that you are supporting our community like this.
    Keep up the good work!
    With love, Shakti

    • Hey Shakti! Thank you for checking out our website and for all your support. We’re blessed to be part of this community. The love and support we receive feeds our work and helps us to continue to grow healthy produce.

      Great success, Happy days. 🙂

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